The Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) lobby remains open during the COVID-19 emergency as of 3/20/2020.  Lobby hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Online, phone and email services are still operational. Staff is working remotely and will continue to perform application/document reviews, on-line meetings, field inspections and investigations.

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Preparing Electronic Documents and Engineer's Report Cover Letters

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  1. Project Plans, Specifications, or Reports:


    1. Save the Document Electronically to a PDF

      PDF drawings should be 11x17 inches, (the original drawings must be drawn to scale).  All necessary information must be clear and legible. In accordance with 61G15-23.003, FAC, permitting drawings and specifications must be officially signed, sealed, and dated by the Engineer of Record digitally or electronically, even if you have already hand-signed and sealed the document.  Scanning the document alone does not constitute an officially digital or electronic signed document).

    2. Set Level of Security

      After saving the PDF, view Document Properties and set levels of securities by selecting View, Properties.

    3. Certify the Document

      If using Adobe Acrobat, you may follow the procedures below (other certifying authorities may have varying procedures for certifying documents).  Under the view Menu Bar, Select Show/Hide from the drop down menu to set up Sign and Certification shortcut buttons.  You must set up a Digital ID in order to use these functions.

      1. Once the document is certified, a ribbon image will be produced as well as the name of the person who certified the document.
      2. Click on the signature Panel key to the right of the document and you will notice a sidebar with the PE’s name who certified the document.
    4. Retrieve the SHA-1 Digest Number.
      1. Click on the PE name and proceed to the Certificate Details.
      2. Click on the Details tab and retrieve the SHA-1 Digest Numbers to record on the Cover Letter submittal.


  2. Prepare Engineer’s Report / Cover Letter

    After completing the form below, the licensee in accordance with Rule 61-G15-30.009, F.A.C. shall print out, sign, seal, and date the report form.  The copy can be scanned and sent to the EPC office.  When emailing, please follow the instructions listed on EPC’s Electronic Document Submittal Instructions in order to follow the appropriate naming convention.  The licensee must retain the hardcopy.


Please do not send a check prior to the electronic submission to EPC.  Send completed applications and submittal packages, properly signed, sealed, and dated to the email address noted on the EPC’s Electronic Document Submittal instructions.