Wetlands Division

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Wetlands Banner Collage Website The Wetlands Management Division provides local standards of environmental protection, maintenance, and utilization of wetlands and other surface waters within Hillsborough County, while recognizing the rights of individual property owners to use their lands in a reasonable manner as well as the rights of all citizens to protection and purity of the waters of Hillsborough County and their associated wetland ecosystems.

Permits & Exemptions

To apply for a permit or request an exemption verification for construction activities or mangrove trimming within wetlands or surface waters , please visit our Permits & Exemptions page.

Are you looking for a registered professional mangrove trimmer in Hillsborough County? If so, please see the list of registered professional mangrove trimmers

Compliance Assurance

To report a concern or request a compliance inspection for a permitted project, please visit our Compliance Assurance page.


 Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information.

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