Waste e-Document Submittal

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Specific Submittal Requirements


Accepted Program e-Document Submittals

Digital and electronic submittals are accepted for the following Waste programs:

    • Petroleum Cleanup
    • Brownfields
    • Small Quantity Generator
    • Solid & Hazardous Waste
    • Storage Tank Compliance – also requires a hardcopy of the signed and sealed drawings and Buoyancy calculations to be submitted to EPC.

Submitting e-Documents to EPC

Applicants wishing to submit PDF documents via digital or electronic submittal (e-Documents) to the EPC Waste Management Division should read the following prior to making your submittal:

Step 1

Fill out e-Document Submittal Request Form.

Step 2

Receive confirmation email with reference number.

Step 3

Pay application fee (as appropriate).

Step 4

Email e-Documents to email address provided in Step 2.

  EDoc Submittal Request Button

More help with e-Document submittal process:

Electronic Document Submittal Instructions

Preparing Electronic Documents and Engineer's Report/Cover Letters.