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Small Quantity Generator (SQG)

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All counties in the State of Florida are required by the Legislature to establish and implement a small quantity generator (SQG) notification and verification program in accordance with Section 403.7234, Florida Statutes (FS).  In Hillsborough County, this duty falls to EPC’s SQG Program.  The goal of the SQG Program is to protect the environment by helping businesses understand and comply with the regulations of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).  The State of Florida adopted the RCRA regulations in Chapter 62-730, Florida Administrative Code, and has been delegated by the US Environmental Protection Agency to administer the RCRA program in Florida.

The state requires the SQG Program to identify all businesses in Hillsborough County with the potential to generate hazardous waste and notify them of their legal responsibilities with regards to waste management.  The annual notification contains basic information about numerous topics, including hazardous and other categories of waste, disposal options, why it is important for businesses to comply with applicable rules, and the potential for penalties related to non-compliance.  In 2018, the SQG Program identified 15,242 businesses in Hillsborough County that potentially generate hazardous waste.

The SQG Program is required to verify at least 20% of identified businesses by performing unannounced on-site surveys to evaluate waste management practices.  The on-site survey includes an evaluation of the facility’s waste streams and offers compliance assistance on the applicable management and disposal requirements, if needed.   Applicable hazardous waste and used oil rules will be explained and suggestions for minimizing waste may also be offered.  If there are alleged violations noted during the inspection, in most cases, the business is afforded the opportunity to correct them without penalties.

The SQG Program is required to collect and report specific data to the State of Florida each year.  The data includes information on the number of businesses identified, the number verified, the types and amounts of waste generated on site at verified facilities, and whether there were any issues noted.  Unless prompted by a citizen’s complaint, businesses in Hillsborough County are verified by the SQG Program approximately every 5 years, depending on program priorities and available resources.  

In addition to the required statutory functions described above, the SQG Program administers several specialty programs.



Disposal Guidance

See links below for guidance on the disposal of solid and hazardous wastes.