Air e-Document Submittal

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Specific Submittal Requirements


Submit Application using FDEP Electronic Permit Submittal and Processing System

Applicants wishing to submit an air permit application using EPSAP (Electronic Permit Submittal and Processing System) should follow the instructions as detailed on FDEP’s website at

Submitting e-Documents to EPC

Applicants wishing to submit PDF documents via digital or electronic submittal (e-Documents) to the EPC Air Management Division should read the following prior to making your submittal:

Step 1

Fill out e-Document Submittal Request Form.

Step 2

Receive confirmation email with reference number.

Step 3

Pay application fee (as appropriate).

Step 4

Email e-Documents to email address provided in Step 2.

 EDoc Submittal Request Button

More help with EPC e-Document submittal process:

Electronic Document Submittal Instructions

Preparing Electronic Documents and Engineer's Report/Cover Letters.