The Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) lobby remains open during the COVID-19 emergency as of 3/20/2020.  Lobby hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Online, phone and email services are still operational. Staff is working remotely and will continue to perform application/document reviews, on-line meetings, field inspections and investigations.

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Air Division

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The Air Division is responsible for protecting the environment and the health and safety of the public as they relate to air quality.  We regulate various sources of air pollution to ensure local, state, and federal rules and regulations are followed.  Air pollution sources include, but are not limited to industrial factories, power plants and dry cleaners.  Other activities that generate asbestos, noise, dust, or involve open burning are also regulated.  We permit and monitor pollution sources,  investigate citizen complaints, conduct special studies on airborne toxins, and collect and analyze air quality data using special sampling equipment located throughout Hillsborough County.

Air Compliance

Our Air Compliance Section is responsible for performing inspections of all air pollution sources that are permitted to operate in the county.  Our compliance engineers perform industrial facilities inspections, annual performance test audits, complaint investigations, and other activities involving major facilities.

    Air Monitoring

    Our Air Monitoring network uses state of the art air quality sampling equipment to collect, measure and report air quality data to state and federal agencies. This data is also used to determine how clean or polluted the air is on a daily basis.  Air quality advisories are generated when air quality conditions pose a potential health threat for Hillsborough County residents. 

      Air Permitting

      Our Air Permitting section issues permits to industrial, commercial, and institutional air pollution facilities.  Air permits limit air pollution for each permitted air pollution source by setting requirements for: testing, facility operations, maintenance activities and reporting.

        Asbestos Program

        Our Asbestos Program ensures that demolition and renovation activities throughout the county are in compliance with federal regulations.  If a project is regulated, notification and appropriate fees must be submitted to EPC.  Asbestos inspectors review notifications, perform inspections, investigate complaints and ensure best practices are followed when asbestos containing building materials are disturbed. 

        Open Burning

        Our Open Burning Program serves to protect air quality by restricting the types of burning allowed in Hillsborough County.  Open burning authorizations may be obtained for certain activities such as land clearing, mining, maintaining public rights-of-way and for flood control drainage maintenance.  Burning of residential yard waste and garbage is not allowed. 

          Noise Program

          Our Noise Program limits the impact of activities involving some types of noise pollution sources on residential properties.  We use specialized noise monitoring equipment to evaluate sound levels and determine if regulated noise sources are meeting local noise standards.