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Below is a listing of Grant Opportunities related to EPC

The PRF and TBERF are competitive grant funding sources while the potential project list is a list of projects that could potentially be funded through grants. Please see the descriptions below and linked sites for more information.

EPC Community Partner Mini-Grants
The Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) is offering the EPC Community Partner Mini-Grant program as an extension of the current grant opportunities available through the Pollution Recovery Fund. The mini-grant program offers funding opportunities to eligible Hillsborough County neighborhood associations for reimbursement of qualified environmentally-conscious community projects.  Visit Community Partner Mini-Grants for more information.

Pollution Recovery Fund

The Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County’s Pollution Recovery Fund (PRF) is governed by Chapter 1-9, Rules of the Environmental Protection Commission for the purpose of funding restoration of polluted areas, the mitigation of the effects of pollution and to otherwise enhance pollution control activities within Hillsborough county.

Please visit the PRF page for more information.

Tampa Bay Environmental Restoration Fund

The Tampa Bay Environmental Restoration Fund (TBERF) is a strategic partnership between the Tampa Bay Estuary Program (TBEP), Restore America’s Estuaries (RAE) and other leading conservation groups, including EPC, focused on the restoration and protection of Tampa Bay. It is designed to return added value to current and future TBEP conservation initiatives and provides funding through a competitive application process for projects that will protect, restore, or enhance the natural resources of Tampa Bay and its contributing watershed.

To learn more about the TBERF, please visit thTBEP Technical and RAE websites.

Potential Project List

EPC staff has compiled a list of projects that could benefit the citizens of Hillsborough County. Unfortunately, EPC does not currently have the resources to implement them. If you are looking for a grad-student thesis, an internship opportunity, or a chance to partner with EPC on a grant project, please review the list and let us know.

If you find an item of interest, please call EPC’s main number and the operator will connect you to the appropriate project contact.

EPC Potential Project List (PDF)