Green Business Spotlight

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Sustainable Business and a Green Economy

Sustainability drives innovation and efficiencies. Many businesses are realizing growing profits and a strong marketing brand as they make decisions that incorporate economic viability with environmental and social responsibility. These businesses are going above and beyond and we want to shine a bright light on them, and their policies and operations, for their distinction as a sustainable business leader!

“The environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.”   —Lady Bird Johnson

suncoast-credit-union logoSuncoast Credit Union

Suncoast Credit Union is a community leader in working to reduce energy use through efficiencies and renewable energy! With over 50 branches in Florida, Suncoast Credit Union has built their newest locations utilizing a variety of energy savers including: solar panels, LED lighting, groundwater source heat pumps, block and roof insulation, energy efficient windows and plug load timers. Suncoast Credit Union is working to upgrade several of their branches into Net Zero facilities in the near future, working to generate more energy than they use.

Suncoast Credit Union, RiverviewBakari Chris Kennedy, Energy Efficiency Engineer for Suncoast, explains: “At Suncoast we are seeing the value to our community and our business of developing High Performance Buildings.”

Congratulations to Suncoast Credit Union for their “green” building innovations and distinction as a sustainable business leader. Your efforts benefit the community in so many ways!

Sustainable Businesses

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