Energy Efficiency

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EPC and Hillsborough County know the importance of using our resources wisely. Not only is it fiscally responsible to County citizens but also, by being stewards of our natural resources, we help to ensure that those same resources are available to future generations.    

Here are some tips to think about:

  • Cooling, heating and lighting, along with hot water generation, are the most energy intensive operations in homes and offices. Improvement to these energy systems will bring the most efficiency bang to your buck. 
  • Be sure to properly recycle energy efficient fluorescent bulbs at the nearest County Household Chemical Collection Site. Small fluorescent bulbs can be taken for recycling to your nearest home improvement store, such as Lowe’s and Home Depot.
  • Be aware that even modern technology devices can silently add to the electric load at your home and office so unplug or turn off devices when not in use.


 "Conservation is a foresighted utilization, preservation and/or renewal of forest, waters, land and minerals, for the greatest good of the greatest number for the longest time."                           -- Gifford Pinchot


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For more energy saving tips, visit Tampa Electric’s website

Rebates and tax credits may be available for items related to energy efficiency and alternative fuel vehicles. Our local electric company, Tampa Electric, also offers rebates and energy saving programs.

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Solar Energy Information

Courthouse solar panelsAn excellent energy source for the state of Florida is the power of the sun. Solar energy can be captured through the use of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, generally placed on rooftops. Most solar PV systems are interconnected with Tampa Electric Company and the electric grid, so be sure to coordinate your PV projects with your electric service provider and obtain cost estimates from qualified solar installers. Rooftop installations may require improvements to the roof structure, along with new maintenance issues. As consumers, be sure to compare all energy sources to determine the best system for your home or business.

 EPC and Hillsborough County government supports solar energy and in fact are partners with FLSUN and the League of Women Voters in a Solar Co-Op for the residents of Hillsborough County. Check out the Co-Op dates, benefits and requirements here.                                                   

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Before starting any energy project, consider contacting Tampa Electric Company for a free energy audit. The Florida Solar Energy Industries Associations (FlaSEIA) also provides solar information to consumers.

Other Useful Links

Below are additional links and useful tips to help you get started on a solar project:

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