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Leslie Schaugaard Campbell Retires After a Lifetime of Service

Post Date:06/18/2019 11:13 PM

 2019-04-18 EPC Meeting (23)

Leslie Schaugaard Campbell has retired from the EPC after infusing 43 years of her heart and soul into our Agency. Her unwavering dedication and commitment to the protection of the environment and the citizens of Hillsborough County became the underlying environmental compass that helped guide the EPC through good times and bad. 

Leslie began her career at EPC as an intern in 1975 at the age of seventeen.  She left briefly to complete her studies at Colorado State University, only to return to Tampa. Roger Stewart, EPC’s longest serving Executive Director, saw something very special in Leslie and in 1978 she accepted a permanent position in the Air Division.  EPC has always been home for Leslie, and the people she worked with her family.  She chose to marry her soul-mate, Ron Campbell, in the EPC courtyard with family and coworkers in attendance. Roger had the honor of giving the beautiful bride away. 

Leslie has since worked in every division and has performed several different jobs at EPC, making her one of our most knowledgeable and valued assets over the years. Some of her most notable and high profile accomplishments have had long-lasting benefits for the county and our Agency.  Her management of enforcement cases and her legal liaison work resulted in the State Attorney’s Office elevating environmental crime prosecution in Hillsborough County.  She also took on various special assignments for each of our Executive Directors, including taking an important role in the development of the Wetlands Hybrid Model in 2007 for then Executive Director Richard Garrity, Ph.D.  Her work was instrumental in saving the division from elimination and helped win broad public support for the Agency and its ability to continue to provide wetlands protection at the local level. 

Under the direction of current Executive Director, Janet L. Dougherty, she became the Agency’s Human Resources (HR) Director.  In this capacity she helped propel the EPC towards winning the Florida Governor’s Sterling Award in 2016 through her contributions to the Sterling process and her vital work in completing the application.  Additionally, she coordinated several complex administrative projects for the Agency including a Civil Service Pay Range Study, the Civil Service Manager Reclassification Study and the Agency’s Reorganization.  

Leslie always exemplified the best qualities of a leader, no matter what capacity she was serving in.  She approached every decision by placing the interests of the EPC over her own and by leading with her mission-centric convictions and her heart. Forthright, outspoken when necessary, tirelessly passionate, unselfish, caring and compassionate – these are hallmarks of the legacy she leaves behind.  We will forever be grateful for her dedicated public service, her personal lifetime investment in the people and the environment around her, and the heart of stewardship she embodied for us all to emulate.




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